Hope: the ultimate game changer

Magazines, movies, social media, books, commercials. In our ever moving world we are constantly bombarded with messages about how we should act, who we should be, and what we should look like. Comparison is the new breathing. We open Instagram and our minds begin to wish…. “I wish I looked like her,” “I wish I was as arty as her,” “I wish I was cool and interesting like them,” “I wish I belonged to that group,” “I wish my life was like theirs.” We have all done it at least a billion times before. Nieve we must be to believe that jealously and low self-esteem are like distant lands. Why is it so hard to look in the mirror and be perfectly content or be so present in whatever moment you are in to forget what other people are doing without you. What if every person stopped wishing to have a different life and instead poured all their heart’s into the life that they possess.

Every person is created differently. No two people like all the exact same things, care about the same things, or even think the same way. Today’s world tries to condition us to “fit in.” We are always looking around at other people to see what is cool and to figure out how to act and what to like (it’s bull). We all have different interests, passions, and minds for a reason. There are over 6 billion people on the planet and absolutely no one is the same person as you. How special is that? How cool is that? So why is it so hard to stop comparing oursekves to one another. Why are we so concerned with how we are recieved by others? Life is about embracing your weirdness and finding people who appreciate it.

Life is not always an insta worthy moment. Life is filled with battles, journies, and lessons that expand our minds and prepare us for what is ahead. One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is to be thankful for the rocky times. Be thankful for the nights you laid awake crying over some jerk who never cared about you; be thankful for the friendships that you fought so hard to save but fell apart anyway, and be thankful for everytime you didn’t get what you hoped so badly for because YOU ARE STILL HERE (aka- you can live without it & you are wayyyy stronger than you thought)- if you’re reading this mediocre blog post it means you weathered the storm and came out stronger on the other side. Congratulations! You have so many mountains in the distance and on the horizon. If there is one thing I have learned from my ups and downs of life its this- No matter what happens, no matter how bad you feel, there is a part of you, in your heart, that is hopeful. We are hopeful creatures because we were made out of love, hope, and wonder.

There are always more things to be thankful for than things to worry about. Even days when you swear you’ve hit rock bottom, take courage, because there is only one way to go (for the record- it’s up (; ). Be thankful that you get to rebuild yourself and your life to meet your best imagination. Old buildings get torn down sometimes and replaced by more stable, modern, gorgeous structures.

Some advice when you are going through difficult times- look for the lessons(even if they may not what you wish to learn), list things that make you happy and use them as an achnor, and remember life changes when you least expect it. Think of it as a movie moment: when you hit a low point that you never thought was possible, you may have just reached the climax of your story. When all else fails bake some cookies, jam out to your favorite songs, go for a run, take a long shower, drive around with no destination, or take a nap, and believe that things are going to get better. Cling to the hope in your heart because it exsist for a reason. Don’t just believe there is still good in the world, but be the good in the world. No storm, no matter how big, last forever (except The Great Red Spot on Jupiter, but thank goodness we live on Earth). Remain hopeful always for the rainbow, the light at the end of the tunnel, the first laugh after a long cry. Sometimes all you have is hope and I can promise you from my own experience- It’s all you really need. It’s impossible to beat a person who never loses hope. Hope is your greatest weapon.


When you are running low on hope (we’ve all been there….many times this week…I mean day)-

-Romans 8:18

-John 1:5

-John 16:33

-Psalm 23

-Exodus 14

-Joshua 1

-Matthew 8:19-31


Hope (noun): belief in something; trusting

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” -Desmond Tutu

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times if one only remebers to turn on the light.” -Albus Dumbledore (JK Rowling)

(If you are struggling to find light look inside yourself and relize that you are light)


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