New York City (Travel with a Purpose)

So many songs, books, and movies try to emcompass and explain New York City. Truth is you never understand why there is such a fixation on the city until walking the streets. The feeling of possibility, hopeful dreams, and new beginnings are alive amoung the millions of heartbeats present. This past year was my third trip to the city. New York City will forever hold a special place in my heart- being there reminds me that there are so many different things you can do with your life. The possibilities are endless and with a little bit of hope your future can be whatever you decide to make it. No matter where you come from or who you are, you are capable of greatness and completely able to build your story from the ground up.

Photo taken from Ellis Island on December 21, 2016

New York has so many visions of restored hope. The One World Trade Center went under construction in 2006 and is now a towering 104 floors. It is also currently the tallest building in the western hemisphere. Most importantly, however, it’s a symbol of regrowth and hope after the tragic attacks on the Twin Towers. On the elevator ride up to the observation deck, a time lapse of New York City is displayed on the walls of the elevator. The story shows the growth of Manhattan beginning when it was first colonized and runs all the way through 2016. Random Life Lesson: things are not built in a day. Great things take time so be patient and remember that most changes occur gradually not suddenly and gradual changes can sometimes be difficult to notice. The One World Trade Center shows us that after hitting rock bottom we can, brick by brick, rise higher than ever before. Hope can always be found as long as someone believes that things will get better.

View of midtown from The One World Observatory

My advice to anyone who is going through a rough time: a breakup, broken heart, lonely time, depression, or anything of the sort would be to travel someone you have never been, meet people you don’t yet know, and experience things that you are dreaming of. New York City has a magic feel to it. Sometimes it just takes a change of scenery to enhance your perspective on life. It doesn’t matter where you go- across the world or a walk in the woods- but for some reason seeing new things reminds us of who we are and helps us discover who we want to be.

Statue of Liberty and Manhattan from the Ferry

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