7 Things to do in 2017

  1. Smile more…..Don’t let the little things bother you. It’s alright if your house isn’t always clean (it’s lived in); it’s okay to be late every once in a while (or a lot); and you can survive even when things change. Give life time to work itself out and don’t let rushing around make you miss all the little moments that make you smile. Try not to use the excuse “I’m too busy.” If it matters to you find time.
  2. Move on by being happy…..Sitting around being sad or bitter about something that happened is not going to undo the situation or create a new situation to help you forget about the old one. So, if you are feeling down from a broken relationship or friendship, get up, get dressed, and pour your heart into your exsisting relationships and friendships including your relationship with God and yourself. Learn to be content with yourself and happy regardless of other people. Do things you love and discover new things you love. If you are still uneasy about a past relationship take a step to mend it, but don’t get depressed if it doesn’t work out. There is no harm in trying, don’t let it consume your mind and heart. Remember we create our own sunshine.
  3. Make more time for God everyday… Hearing the truth about who God is and who you are acts like armour around your heart, mind, and soul. Don’t let evil thoughts and intentions rule your life. You are stronger, braver, smarter, and wiser than you realize simply because God lives in you- always. If you are ever down or just need advice turn to God before turning to anyone else because He always has your best interest in mind. He also cares about you more than anyone else.
  4. Stop jumping to conclusions…Why is it so easy to assume the worse thing when someone upsets you. We are people and none of the people I have met in my life have the extrodinary power to read minds. Give others the benefit of the doubt and learn to look for the good in people rather than the bad. You have no clue why she/he didn’t answer; they may have a reason why they did what they did that you didn’t know; they may be struggling more than they let on-be kind.
  5. Give second chances….No one is perfect. People make mistakes, some bigger than others, but if God can forgive each of us every single time we mess up, then we can forgive the people we love. (As long as we know they are sincerly sorry- ahhh the hard part- trust your heart).
  6. Love more and be intentally kind…Be present in whatever setting you are exsisting in. Yes that means put phone down, head up. Grow deeper relationships with the people who are in your life. Talk to your friends face to face instead of text to text. It’s easy for messages to get lost in translation and there are some conversations that can be typed out but would never be said outloud. Let’s face it, some things just look better-or sound better- on paper (or screen). Live for the experience, not for the instagram photo. Do random acts of kindess for the people you love. Not only will you brighten their day, but it will make your day better too! Encourage more, judge less (this includes yourself).
  7. Care less about how you look and more about who you are… Beauty comes from within and anyone and everyone can have a beautiful heart. Wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident in- don’t worry about what other people will think. Don’t dress up for anyone execpt yourself. You do not need the approval of others because they don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe them anything- Jesus is the one that paid for your life so it’s taken care of. Don’t be scared to be yourself- it’s what you’re best at!

“Live for the experience, not for the instagram photo.”

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